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Where No Animal Goes 

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At Regina's Rescue we ensure the safety of each and everyone of the animals that comes into our doors. Owner Regina and Mike have the biggest hearts that anyone could possible have. Regina and Mike spend their days as happy as can be building this amazing rescue from ground up. These two know the struggle of building a rescue from nothing and turning it in to something AMAZING. They do it everyday with a HUGE smile on their face along with each team member that compliments the rescue with their added help! Regina, Mike and team are combined are some of the most amazing people that you could meet in life. When you see them at an adoption even, at the store, or even going out to the rescue you will see why the animals NEVER go UNLOVED when they are at RR. No animals get turned away for any reason other than it is humanly impossible to take in more at that time. If the rescue is over 80 animals at any given time they will help with finding other rescues to help out. Regina, Mike and the rescue team will do what anything that is humanly possible to always be of help! Please always understand that we would love to take in each animal that is requested to be sent to us everyday! - EVERYDAY there is a need for our services to rescue another furry friend. 

If you are interested in adopting a new furry friend please fill out an adoption form and we will review it and get back with you usually within 24 to 48 hours. The team is always with the animals making sure that they are getting the most love, care and affection that they need so please allow the time to get back to you.  Click the box below to go to our application page. 

It has come to our attention that there is a high demand at the current time to surrender animals over to the rescue. It is important to note that we do need you to fill out the form link below. There is also a $35 fee to help with the intake cost of the animal. Once the animal is signed over to the recuse it is known by the individual that you are signing over your rights. Please see the link below and it will take you over to the form. Once it is received we will be in contact with you. 

Goals 2023

Grant Funding 

Grant writer cost -



The Grant Writing donation fund is very important to the rescue as we MUST be able to get funding ASAP to start on the building! The animals need the building that our team has been fighting for the last few years. Please help us raise $3000 to pay for the monthly cost of $600. It is due on the 15th of each month. Read more about this Goal - Click the PDF button         

Every dollar donated after the $3000 will be directly applied to building fund. If you know of anyone willing to sponsor raw materials please reach out to us and we will let them know what we are in need of. There are more details in the PDF button above. 

Vet Bills

The cost are rising -

The animals need care


Day in and day out there are new animals coming into the rescue who need shots, to be spay or neutered, or there is some type of aliment that they need to go into the vet for so that they can be their best furryself. Some of the animals come in hurt, other come in healthy but no matter the case they need a vet to check them out and ensure that they will be ready to go to their fur-ever home! That is the GOAL. Get them rehomed with a family or individual who will care for them as much as we do. But there is a process and it starts with the vet! Please help us keep up with the vet bills as they can pile up and then we cannot get the animals in until it has been paid down. We do our best with but we need your help to keep up with the high demand. 

Operations Cost

Dog food, cat food, - 

Utilities, toys, you name it we provide it. 


Our community knows we ask for your help and assistance to keep up with our operations costs by your gifts of a donation. When you donate, every cent that is dropped in to our bucket at the events or donated online it helps each and everyone of the animals that comes into our doors for care and love. We make sure that we have everything that the animals need. Food, water, AC, heaters, shelter, toys, and treats. You name it they get it. We cannot keep up with all of the cost some months and it can be a real struggle to get a bag of dog food. We don't like reaching out and asking for a hand up but we do it because the animals need you. We want to say thank you to each and everyone of you who help us out. We ask our community understand one thing that we do have to change on our donations is that we cannot accept checks any longer. It will have to be cash or electronic payments. ~We do hope that you can understand the need  to move away from checks~ Please help us with our operational cost by using the donate link under the operations title. Also stop by our adoption event to put a little bit in to AWEOME donate bucket! 

We Need Our Community


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