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Regina McClellen

Regina is the founder of Regina's Rescues. She has worked in dog rescue for many years.  She lived in Atlanta when Michael Vick was convicted of dog fighting.  She is a HUGE advocate against dog fighting and puppy mills.  Her rescue formed out of necessity and a love for animals in need. Regina has rescued: dogs, kittens, turtles, horses, bunnies and a donkey. She has a heart as big as Texas!! If she sees an animal being abused or neglected, she will fight to get custody of that animal.  In 2018, her and Mike finally got custody of two horses and a mule that their neighbor had been neglecting for many years.

The future holds a new rescue building to house all the animals inside at night and a large play yard for the dogs, hope to have completed Fall of 2021.  Regina is up at the crack of dawn every day.  Her commitment to the rescue is evident in her undying love for the animals.

Mike & Regina are dog parents to 12 dogs.  All of them have special needs!   They are blind, severely abused, not trusting of humans, health issues etc.  You will find them all in the house, their love for Mike & Regina is very evident!

Mike McClellen

Mike is Regina's husband and right-hand man. Mike is retired and keeps very busy during the day with the rescue.  You will find him during the day, building kennels, repairing fencing, walking dogs and anything else that needs his attention! He also transports dogs to and from veterinary appointments.  Mike knows each of the dogs personally, he can tell you each one's personality and likes and dislikes. 

Mike has a heart of gold and loves each and every animal in his care. Mike is the author of the poem on the home page, his love of animals is evident in his dedication to them every day. 

Without Mike working all day, every day we would not be as successful as we are!

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