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Please understand that the rescue is not charging the adoption fee for the purchase of the animals. The fees that are paid go right back into the rescue for all of the vet costs in preparation for the adoption readiness of the animals in the care of the rescue.

All fur-ever homes do need to fill out an application to adopt from our rescue. This is done in the best interest of the animals that are loved and cared for each day by the rescue. We only want to ensure the fur-ever home is the last one that they will ever have to be rehomed to. 

One of the team members at the rescue will contact you after your application is reviewed. After your approval, you are welcome to put a deposit payment down on your new best friend. A link will be sent to you with your approval email. 
Please know that we do this process to ensure that each and every animal that comes into our care goes to a fur-ever home where they will be not only a pet but a family member!

If you are adopting a fur-ever friend please, please make sure that you spay & neuter them if it has not already been done. 

     A Voice in the Rain

I cry in a shower and I cry in the rain.
I cry where the world cannot see my pain.
I cry for the ones who have naught or a choice,
They cry out in pain but they have not a voice.
Found with matted fur on an old country road,
Looking for somewhere to get in out of the cold.
Found in allies and gutters and dumpsters and lanes
So my door is open come in out of the rain,
I know you can't tell me who did these horrible things,
So just let me feed you and see what some kindness can bring.

We all have a story some more than just one,
Some make us cower some make us run.
Give me a while and I'll teach you to play,
And we'll find you a home where there is the love we all pray.  
                             -Mike McCleellen


Echo. Fully Vetted. Beautiful Blue Pitt. Adopter needs to understand the breed and know how to work/train. Echo is smart and will challenge you. Not good with cats. Questionable with small dogs.


I was part of the Freedom Ride to get to Regina's Rescues! I have lots of energy and love to destroy balls! Gunner will need someone that has a yard for him to run off his energy. I would not let him in the backyard unattended. He likes to jump and could get over a fence if he wanted too. Once his high energy is worked out, he'll settle down, that's the best time to work training him.


Fully Vetted! Needs a fenced backyard to run and play. Tibby thoroughly enjoys rubbing her back in the nice green grass. Something she didn't get to do before. Tibby will need someone that'll work with her. She needs mental stimulation daily.


Kyle, Fully Vetted. Kyle will make someone a very good dog. He's ok with not being the alpha dog, so training him is a bit easier. He too will still need to run and play. Positive teaching will go a long ways!

Check us out!
Adoption Fees for us have already been covered! Help us find our fur-ever home and make room for other rescue animals to be helped. The need for our fellow furry friends who are struggling to get in to see the team at Reginas Rescue and get care is HIGH HIGH HIGH! Help us out!

In Need of FurEver Homes
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