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Have Venmo? you can make a donation through Venmo to Regina McClellen. (picture of Jesus holding a dog) (Venmo does not charge the rescue a fee where paypal does.) 

Make donations for the Pole Barn through Venmo or PayPal (charges the rescue a fee). State that your donation is for the Pole Barn or for the current needs of the rescue.

Every day we do our best to ensure no homeless, abandoned or forgotten animal goes without the love and care it needs and deserves. Through our rescue, we have helped so many animals find their fur-ever homes. In order to continue doing so, we could really use your help. Could you find it in your heart to help us today by making a donation to help these animals in need? There is no amount too small for animals coming from nothing.  

We may be a small rescue but with your help we can continue to make a huge difference. Treating all animals we take in as our own is something we take pride in. We keep all animals as long as needed to find them the perfect fur-ever home. We care not to get our animal in and out but to get them the care they need and into a home they deserve. 

All of our animals are given age appropriate vaccines, spay/neutering, if they are old enough.

2021 Goal:

Every year we try to set goals for what we hope to accomplish over the year. Our goal this year is a big one. We would like to finish building the new shelter with 24 new dog runs attached giving us room to help even more dogs in need. The concrete for the new building has been poured.  We have found a very generous donor to move the shelter to our property this year. Once that is done, the work continues with gutting the building and designing it the way we need.  All the new dog runs will come off of this building.  This will help Mike in taking care of them incredibly easier.  We are also wanting to obtain an old metal storage container to put on the property so we can store all/most of the donations given.  We are also building a cat house that will be on the property as well. This will give us the ability to help those babies as well. We need all the help we can get to make this goal. You can donate either money, fencing or building supplies or even volunteer to help build when we are ready. We are hoping to complete the project by winter. Click the donate button to donate and please put a note that it is for our building fund as we are setting up a separate account for that. Thank you!