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Do you know what it takes to run an animal rescue?

First, it takes LOVE and DEVOTION for each and every animal that is rescued or born in our care. It takes hard work to find good hands to help keep the poo scooped, to keep up with each application for the wonderful people who adopt. There are the vet bills that pile up and the cost of electricity, water, fans, heaters, and toys. If you have pets you know there are always going to be costs associated with caring for them.|DONATE HERE|

There will always be an ongoing cost to run the rescue and we would like to ask each and every one of our followers to donate anything that they can whether it be your time or a few bucks to help with the operational cost. The owners of Reginas Rescue (bless their hearts) put every penny they have each and every month to pay vet bills, pay for fuel to go rescue the animals, and pay for the operational cost. They have worked so very hard doing their best without asking for too many donations that it is time for the community to come together and help the animals as we would help our neighbors. WE KNOW YOU ALL DO A LOT ALREADY BUT THE ANIMALS CONTINUE TO NEED YOU! Remember anything you can give even if it is a few dollars or to volunteer your time. WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!|DONATE HERE|

DISCLAIMER ON DONATIONS: For the rescue to be able to send you a receipt for your donations they need to be in the amount of $250. You can do monthly payments but a receipt will not be given to you until you meet the IRS guidelines. (If you choose to do monthly installments to us it must be a JAN - DEC 20XX

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