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Adoption Event at Family Center Home and Farm in Paola

A rescue is only as good as the people who support it. We are truly blessed with amazing people who support and help us rescue and adopt dogs out. Recently we contacted Family Center and asked if they would be open to having a rescue come and share some dogs with their shoppers. After a trial run the store agreed we made a good team and invited us to have our adoptions inside the store. They were amazing, they set up a space in the front of the store and even provided some pens for the dogs to be in so people could see and pet the dogs.

We decided of course we needed to bring the Walker Pups with us and Momma Star and her 3wk old babies. Have no fear, we made sure they were safe and not allowed to be held by anyone but rescue employee's for the most part and they were not allowed to come anywhere near any other dogs to keep them safe. Momma was very protective and they were in pen the whole time with Micheal keeping an eye on everyone and keeping momma happy with snuggles.

We also brought Happy who turned on the sad puppy eyes and charmed several people. We had 1 adoption, 1 person who reserved one of the new puppies and the next day someone contacted after seeing Happy at the store and said she wanted to adopt him. It was a great day full of fun seeing some of our past dogs we had adopted and meeting new people and getting much needed donations.

Thank you all for your continued support! Without people like you we would not be able to help as many as we do! I HUGE thank you to Family Center Farm and Home in Paola for welcoming us with open arms! Be watching for new dates posted, starting in Jan 2019 we will make this a monthly event!

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