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Saving Cinder

Updated: Feb 24

**WARNING** Graphic images contained in this post.

Cinder is a dog we had helped before when she had puppies. We adopted her puppies out and got her spayed before returning her to her owner. We were called to go to her owners house where we found our poor Cinder laying on the ground, her poor little eyeballs popped right out of her head. Her owner claims she was hit by a car, whatever happened to her she was left there for hours suffering and blind. We rushed her to the vet who was amazing about making a special appointment for her after hours. It was determined at the time that her eyes would need to be surgically removed and she was in critical condition. No other signs of being hit by a car were found, just severe head trauma that caused the popped eyes. After spending some time at the vets after her surgery we were told a few days later we could bring her back to the rescue where she would need intense care to heal.

Now just a little over a week since her ordeal she is moving around well and learning her new surroundings well. She feels her way around and will become a permanent resident at Regina's rescues due to her special needs.

It goes without saying this, but as to be expected with this kind of emergency our rescue has been hit pretty hard financially. We want to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to the people who have already donated and helped with the expenses. We are so blessed with such an amazing following that have been quick to action. We still have about $500 in medical bills we need to pay down so any donations would be appreciated.

Here are a few before and after pictures of poor Cinder.

A big huge thank you as always to our amazing vet Linn County Vet Clinic.

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