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3/10/2022.  We have got to get this building up and the animals moved into it!  Brainstorming fundraising ideas has been a task!  There is a bike run in the planning for this summer!  We currently have a Giving Grid donation site set up. You can click on the button above to donate. Please share the link with your friends and family!

9/26/21 Update:  The rescue was told that the trailer can not be moved to the Rescues' property because the trailer ie, mobile home, is that of another 'home structure'. Boo.  The amount of work and time that was put into preparing this building...  so, the new plan is to put up a pole barn.  Poles have been donated. The pole barn will be placed in the same spot as the trailer was going to be.  Once again, another winter spent without a new building for the dogs.  With this new news, we still look to God for his guidance and trust that He has this and will provide us the needs to take care of the animals.

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