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Bailey pup1.jpg


Owner Rob S.

"She is such a nut, she loves rolling over on her back and having her belly rubbed.....

If you notice the blanket on the back of the couch pull down I just had to get on her about chewing on it.... And that was the look I got like ooooh Dad I ain't hurtin' nothing"

"The best puppies come from Regina's Rescue, they are cared for with love and it shows!!!"

Bailey pup2.jpg
Al kitten1.jpg

Alabaster Claws- A-Lot

Owner Nicole H.

Al kitten2.jpg

"Our new kitty is exactly what we were looking for. Reginas Rescues was great to work with and made adopting our new baby easy. We did change his name, we call him Alabaster Claws-a-lot! Al for short!"

Mr Bojangles1.jpg

Those Animals (at Regina's Rescues) are ABSOLUTELY loved!! We had a Great Experience with Regina!! She sorta matched us up!

We were looking at her friends dog Rikki. He was 8 years old. We just lost a 10 year old. It just wasn't a fit for us. Bo is 4. My husband wanted him but I was iffy because I could tell he was a runner. He wrapped his paws around my leg and hung onto it when we were getting ready to leave. Broke my heart. How could I not take him home!! Come to find out, his original owners are within 2 miles of our place according to his paperwork. He tried to run that direction, on the 1st day and I asked him why he'd want to go back to someone that gave him up. He stopped and turned around and looked at me. I told him that we loved him and wanted him to stay with us... low and behold, he came back!! He's never tried to run off to them again. We adore him and he truly loves us. He's a very good boy. Very smart.

Mr Bojangles3.jpg
Mr Bojangles2.jpg

Mr BoJangles

Owner: Stacy W.

Star and Ella02.jpg

Ella & Star

(Belle & Ariel at the rescue)

Tammy W.

Star is now a 30 lb puppy. Ha ha She never leaves his side. Ha ha Ella is smaller at 23 lbs. Not sure why, she eats like a pig. LOL

Star and Ella01.jpg

Regina and Mike are some of the best people we have met. We love our sweet girls so much. They are both from the litter of Lucy. They came to us healthy and happy. Our vet complimented your rescue for having very healthy pups. Love Regina's Rescues, highly recommend adopting from them!


I wanted to come to your actual page to show you this! Thank you for adding such a perfect puppy (he’s a little bigger than a puppy but he will always be our puppy) it was the sweetest thing- you can tell he’s well trained or came from a rough home before coming to Reginas Rescues. He peed in the house on accident and he looked up at me and went directly to his kennel and laid down.


 ALSO! Breaking news! I got a job THREE MINUTES from home with an hour lunch so our baby can be let out during the day, he loves all three of us and he isn’t going ANYWHERE anytime soon. He’s very teachable and he knows where home is 


 I need to get in touch with you about getting him chipped! He even listens to our little girl. She says “no B!” When he jumps on her and he actually listens. Oh and he sleeps on top of me most nights- he is super spoiled and grateful to have a home. Thanks for adding to our family!

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